Client Stories


She is special in that she is great with children of very different age.  She kept our 4 year old daughter busy with crafts, projects, outdoor activities, trips to the library and even perked her interest in outer space and dinosaurs! Janinne gave us real peace of mind in taking care of our children. It was great to know that when I wasn’t around, the children were in such good care.
– Pam C.


We have known her for three and a half years and have continually been amazed by her patience, dedication and supreme competence in all matters of child care… Our children look forward to our trips away, because they know they will have so much fun with Janinne and the many activities and outings she arranges…we know that the children are happily engaged in fun, “good” activities (not marathon TV viewing) while we are gone, and that brings a peace of mind that is impossible to price tag!
– Karin K.


Janinne excelled at understanding the development needs of all three children and she bonded very quickly and very well with all of them. She was imaginative in working with them in learning and other activities.  
– Alison M.


She stepped right into existing play groups that [our son] regularly attended, found her way around the neighborhood and joined the library! We highly recommend Janinne, and would have asked her to stay had we not already hired someone new-and had Janinne not already been committed to her new business helping families in a pinch–like ours!  
– Elizabeth B. & Chris M.


Janinne was extremely organized, and planned and supervised everything to do with the kids, including cooking, laundry, homework, shopping, extracurricular activities, play dates, school events, piano, etc. She had a lot of initiative and never needed to be told what to do. But most of all, Janinne was warm and loving to the kids, who grew up feeling secure and loved. She had a strong, lasting and positive influence on their lives. 
– Wendy A.


I would highly recommend Janinne for any kind of nanny position. She is very good at what she does. In my opinion, she would be particularly adept at helping out in crisis situations…. She exudes an air of stability that is very comforting for children.  
– Anne L.


Janinne initiated a number of clever arts & crafts projects as she was here during several “bad weather” weeks and, hence, often confined to the indoors.
– Jennifer Z.


Janinne arrived on the job with a myriad of interesting ideas that would appeal to our son to insure that he was actively entertained and well-stimulated. Janinne is very flexible and willing to plan the day in accordance with your child’s specific interests. 
– Erin M.


Janinne Gardner has been wonderful to work with! We hired Janinne to help us get through and incredibly stressful period — moving from another state to the DC area, having a new baby, and starting a new job all within the same time period. Janinne has been and angel…arrived cheerful an helpful. She has been sweet and caring not only to our newborn but to our three other children.
– Hannah S.


What kids say…

While my parents were gone I had a great time! We went to parks, made clay stuff, and played games. There was nothing we didn’t like about her being here. Our favorite was going to the parks. We had a great time and she should come back again. 
– Lauren and Beth (age 12 & 10)


I like the way Janinne took care of me. But I still miss my Mommy. Cause this is the first time she has been gone for a long time. The first time Janinne and I made an art project Janinne said, “As long as you are safe. [She was] willing to do whatever I wanted.” And so am I.  
– Adea (age 8)


I liked making a garden, fishing and cooking things.  
– Jesse (age 11)