Vacation & Traveling Nanny


Sometimes traveling can seem more like changing houses rather then a vacation, this is where I Take a vacation nanny with you to help you bring the relaxation back to your vacation. 

I can will help your family have a fabulous vacation by:

  • Keeping your children entertained while you read the paper or maybe enjoy a jog or maybe a sleep in morning.
  • Transporting the children to activities such as, museums, playgrounds, boardwalks, and mini-golf , and other organized fun & educational activities.
  • Supervising the children at the pool/ bay (small waves) I am happy to assist parents with care at beaches with larger waves.  I am always happy to go for walks/ shell hunts with the children on on any beach.  
  • Preparing meals and clean up, grocery shopping, and the family’s laundry.
  • Supervising the bed time routine while parents are out for the evening.
  • Assisting or supervising round trip flights, train or car travel.
  • Sit in the rental house, hotel, condo with a sleeping child while the parents & older children have fun doing activities.


These are just a few of the ways that I have helped families on vacation, do you have another way I can help your family? I’m happy to discuss your specific needs.


Beach Vacation