Temporary/ Vacation Nanny


Are you looking for temporary nanny? Maybe just a second pair of hands to give you some free time to enjoy your family vacation without the day to day upkeep required. I am happy to help you get through the foreseeable future.  I will come to your home or vacation place to care for your children.

I have been asked to transport the children to school & other activities, prepared family meals, supervised play dates and fun educational activities. I can also assist with grocery shopping, help with instrument practices, and laundry.  If parents need assistance with errands, for example, dry cleaning and hired household maintenance, I am available for them as well. I can also assist an ill, parent with family responsibilities on a temporary basis.  I am not looking for a permanent position either full or part time.  
You may need a temporary nanny to help for many reasons but here are a few that I have provided temporary childcare:

  • Your wonderful nanny wants to take a vacation to rejuvenate her battery and you need child care.
  • You and your partner desire a childless vacation or you both need to travel for business at the same time.  
  • You have suddenly found yourself without a nanny and need time to find the right one.
  • You have been given a big project at work and will need help on the home front until you complete your project.
  • You have found the prefect nanny or au-pair for your family but they cannot start yet.

As a temporary nanny I will care for your children with loving and respectful attitude, but also meet practical needs, such as:

On a daily basis I will bring fun and sometimes educational activities to keep your child occupied without TV if this is your desire.  I will pick up the child or drop him off as required.  I will help with homework.  I will feed your child as to your instructions. I will keep any areas of use picked up and the kitchen clean.

On a weekly basis I will include the children’s laundry, run quick errands with the children and larger errands without the children.  

Of course, this is just a list of general responsibilities; every family has different needs. Please tell me of your family’s needs and I will be happy to accommodate as much as possible.